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  • 10-07
    exhibition name: asian gifts & premiums showcompany name: wuyi qiyue home supply co.,ltdbooth no.: 1b-e15exhibition time: 20-23 october 2019exhibition address: hongkong convention & exhibition centre,hongkong...
  • 04-25
  • 07-02
    tea cleaning method:first, the commonly used glass as long as the bubble in the happy things in the vinegar for 30 minutes, you can shine as new. crystal glass and other fine tea, can be wiped with vinegar vinegar, the details of the black place, with a soft toothbrush dip vinegar, sal...
  • 07-03
    we drink water is not a cup, but what kind of cup with a drink but will affect the effect of drinking water.drink cups should be preferred glass. in all the cups of the material, the glass is the most healthy. the glass does not contain organic chemicals during the firing process. when...
  • 07-03
    glass cups, enamel cups, ceramic cups, plastic cups, stainless steel cups, iron cups, aluminum cups, paper cups ... when we go to the mall to buy the cup, all kinds of cups will break into our line of sight, especially those bright colors, unique shape of the cup is more compelling, pi...
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