The cleaning method of tea
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Tea cleaning method:

First, the commonly used glass as long as the bubble in the happy things in the vinegar for 30 minutes, you can shine as new. Crystal glass and other fine tea, can be wiped with vinegar vinegar, the details of the black place, with a soft toothbrush dip vinegar, salt solution can be mixed into the solution can be.

In addition, the glassware washed with water, such as about 40 degrees of warm water to brush, and then make it natural dry, you can also remove the cup at the end of tea.

Second, the use of toothpaste Wash: wipe some toothpaste in the bottom of the cup, and then wipe with nylon cloth can be.

Third, stained with salt scrub: You can also dip salt scrub, the effect is also very good.

Four, with orange juice cleaning: cup, teapot into a teaspoon of orange powder or orange juice, filled with water after 2-3 hours, so tea and tea lost the adhesion, it is easy to remove.

Five, with potato skin removal: tea cups on the tea can also be removed with potato skin.

Put the potatoes in the cup, and then rushed into the water, covered with lid, stuffy for a few minutes, you can remove the tea.

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