Why drink water preferred glass
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Glass cups, enamel cups, ceramic cups, plastic cups, stainless steel cups, iron cups, aluminum cups, paper cups ... When we go to the mall to buy the cup, all kinds of cups will break into our line of sight, especially Those bright colors, unique shape of the cup is more compelling, pick to pick to pick the eye.

Tell you, drink water should be preferred glass.

Drink water selection glass

Do not think that the glass is only transparent and nice, in all the cups of the material, the glass is the most healthy. Glass does not contain organic chemicals, when people drink water or other drinks with glass, do not have to worry about chemical substances will be drunk into the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, so people use the glass to drink water is the most Healthy and safest.

In addition, the experts also advocated the use of enamel cup, because the enamel cup is thousands of degrees Celsius after the high temperature baking made of lead, lead and other harmful substances, you can rest assured that use.

But for other materials of the cup, the experts questioned.

Colorful cups are very pleasing, but in fact those bright pigments are hidden in a huge hidden danger, when the cup into the boiling water or acid, alkaline high drinks, these pigments such as lead and other toxic heavy metal elements It is easy to dissolve in the liquid, people drink with a chemical substance of the liquid, it will cause harm to the human body. The plastic is often added with plasticizers, which contain some toxic chemicals, plastic cups with hot water or boiling water, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water, and plastic internal microstructure has a lot of gaps, which hide Stains. Therefore, experts advise, in the purchase of plastic cup, we must choose in line with national standards of food grade plastic cup.

In addition, the cup family also has a relatively large team, is the business advocated by the "magnetized cup", "energy cup".

Domestic and foreign medical reports do say that magnetized water is beneficial to the health of the human body, but not all of the magnetized water is beneficial to the health of the human body. Only the negative magnetized water can improve the body's physiological function, play the role of health care, and the positive magnetized water should not drink.

We see the magnetized cup in the market mostly use ordinary magnet, positive and negative regardless. Therefore, consumers in the choice of magnetized cup should be carefully identified when the purchase of unipolar disk (negative) made of raw materials made of magnetized cup.

"Energy Cup" in principle can also improve the function of the human body, play the role of health care. However, the current market, many of the production of "energy cup" of the manufacturers did not carry out a practical physiological function of this function validation, exaggerated the "energy cup" role, and some even can cure all diseases. Experts advise consumers, in the purchase of health effects with the "energy cup", should be aware of the relevant departments to give the legitimate certification, must not blindly follow..

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