What is the characteristics of vacuum insulation cups
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Generally by the stainless steel with a vacuum layer made of water containers, the top of the cover, sealed tight, vacuum insulation layer can be installed in the internal water and other liquid to slow down the heat to achieve the purpose of insulation. Insulation cup is developed from the thermos flask, the principle of insulation and the same as the thermos, but people in order to facilitate the bottle made of cups. There are three ways to spread heat: radiation, convection and transmission. Insulated cups of silver cups can reflect the radiation of hot water, cups and cups of vacuum can block the heat transfer, and not easy to pass the heat of the bottle can prevent heat convection.

1. Clean the inside of the cup with a neutral detergent before use in warm water.

In order to make the cup (pot) heat insulation effect to achieve the best, it is recommended to join the hot water or ice water for preheating or pre-cooling. If you add ice when the cold effect will be better.

For anti-leakage, please press the clockwise direction and the lid when the cup body is tilted.

2. Use to avoid falling, collision or strong impact, will cause the deformation of the cup product effect.

Insulation switch, lid and other accessories according to the national standard food grade plastic manufacturing, in use, do not lose the switch, lid, washers and other accessories, so as not to affect the normal use.

To avoid any form of direct heating or placed in high temperature, otherwise it will cause resin deformation, color effects affect the use of the product.

Vacuum cups do not add dry ice, carbonated drinks and other easy to produce high-pressure liquid, do not add soy sauce, soup and other liquid containing salt to avoid cup corrosion.

When cleaning, please use neutral detergent warm water cleaning, do not use alkaline bleach, chemical wipes and other cleaning agents.

Immediately after drinking into a drink such as milk, drink it as soon as possible and wash it so as to degrade the liner.

Do not use anything other than heat and cold.

3. When not in use for a long time, keep the liner dry thoroughly.

To prevent odor or smudge, use after cleaning and make it dry completely.

Due to the use of impure water will leave a similar rust red spots, can be diluted with warm water vinegar soak 30 minutes can be fully cleaned.

Cup lid: do not high temperature sterilization, so as not to deformation. After cleaning, make sure the seal is well installed

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